About Electrolysis

Electrolysis is a safe alternative to laser hair removal, as it does not cause the burning and irritation that laser hair removal can. Electrolysis is the only FDA approved method for permanent hair removal.

What is Electrolysis?

Electrolysis is The insertion of a small, thin probe  into the hair follicle. After the probe is inserted, a small electrical current is introduced to the hair follicle which creates a chemical and heat reaction that destroys the hair’s root.

Does it Hurt?

Most clients do not feel the insertion of the probe into the hair follicle, but may report feeling the application of the current.

How Many Treatments Does It Take?

A series of treatments is usually required to effectively destroy the hair’s root, as hair treated in the early growth stage responds more effectively than hair treated in later stages. Your electrologist will determine the best amount of treatments based on your hair type and the area that you want treated.

How Long Does Each Treatment Take?

Treatments can last anywhere from 15 minutes and one hour depending on the size of the area that is being treated.

What Hair and Skin Types Can Be Treated?

Unlike laser hair removal, Electrolysis can be used on any skin type and for all type of hair. All areas of the body can be treated with the exception of the eyelashes and the inside of the nostrils.

What is the Difference Between Electrolysis and Laser Hair Removal?

Electrolysis and Laser Hair Removal have several differences.

Laser Hair Removal
Destroys individual hair follicles on any hair color. Effective on black or dark brown hair.
More discomfort depending on area. Less discomfort.
Thermal current is delivered to the follicle through a tiny probe, causing localized damage. Selective photothermaolysis causes damage to the hair cell by targeting the melanin in the follicle.
Takes 15-60 minutes for face. Takes 5-15 minutes for face
Usually takes 15-30 treatments for best results. Usually takes at least 7 treatments for best results.
Costs range from $24-60. Costs range from $50-$200.
Can cause redness and swelling lasting 15 minutes to one day. Can cause itching, redness, swelling and disomfort for one day.
FDA approved for permanent hair removal. FDA approved for permanent hair reduction.
In practice since 1875. In practice since the mid 1990s.

What Are The Common Treatment Areas?